About Us

Our Mission

  •  To have a diversified products that caters the needs of commercial, and industrial sectors.
  • To build-up a culture that seeks to empower our workers through job training and values information.
  • To engage in corporate social responsibilities that would benefit our workers, the poor and our environment.

Our Vision

  • We aspire to become one of the best heavy equipment retailer in the country delivering a quality products and servicing a renewed culture in the retail industry.
  • A culture that is in harmony with the welfare of our Workers and the environment while seeking to meet customer satisfaction.

Core Values

Safety & Security

Teamwork & Unity

Honesty & Transparency

Integrity & Quality Workmanship

Credibility & Dependability

Our Goals

  • We aim to expand our services by way of broadening our retail capability in Cebu, Davao and to the entire country. To have customer satisfaction with the products they buy from us. We guarantee our products are of best quality.
  • To enhance employees workmanship and technical expertise through continuous improvement in terms of total customer satisfaction.

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